Nov 25 11

The Secret of Effortless Success



We know what we know from those who came before us. All our Beliefs are learned, until we become aware of them and choose to replace them.

One of the most unhelpful Beliefs we encounter on our human journey, is the one that links success with effort. “The harder we work the more successful we become.” Many people have died damaged and broken because of that belief. There is an alternative. I have tried both ways and found the alternative works a whole lot better in my Life, and that of the people around me who are influenced by my actions.

“The Secret of Effortless Success.” It suggests that there will be days when you are creative or productive and days when you are not. There will be days when you can write and days when you cannot. There will be days when you can sell and days when you cannot. There will be days when you can sing or paint, and days when you cannot. Days where everything works, and days when nothing works. Follow your rhythm, follow your wanting, don’t force it with logic. That is how we find and keep TOTAL WELLNESS.

Our learned Beliefs would have us take out the whip of Self Discipline yet again, to beat and punish ourselves, to judge ourselves as lazy or hopeless, and so the cycle of despair continues.

Your human energy changes and fluctuates constantly. Albert Einstein showed us in E=MC2 what happens if two objects (forms of energy) are forced against each other. They create friction. Do you ever feel friction in your Life?

E=OB2  shows us that when we force anything in our Life, we fight energy with energy. We fight our own natural energy with fear and anger, and create a multitude of chemical reactions in our body through a process called stress, to the detriment of our body, our mind and our Life.

Stress is not real. There is no stress germ in our body, or anywhere else in the universe. It is created by our thoughts, which in turn come from our learned Beliefs.

Take a day from your Life’s journey and join us for the next E=OB2 One Day Workshop, and move a step closer to finding your own “Secret of Effortless Success.”